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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Skills Training at Greenbriar State Park with the Chesapeake Paddlers Association

JP and I recently had an opportunity to do an overnight at Greenbriar State Park with the Pirates of Sugarloaf, a chapter of the sea kayaking club Chesapeake Paddlers Association. We helped out as instructors for their yearly skills training session. Greenbriar is a small spring fed lake with wonderful clear water. Cold too - my wetsuit and mystery shirt felt good (although I need to say that NRS needs to rethink it's clothing sizing. I "have the XX large, which is supposed to fit the 6'3" - 6'5" person weighting 230-260 lbs ( I am 6'1" at 230) and my forearm seams are ripping.).

JP had her first opportunity to try out her tuliik. A couple of photos from day two:

Balance brace with hands free of the paddle.

Smiles in the Tuliik

Setup position for the norsak roll

The afternoon and evening were spent teaching rolling, bracing, strokes, etc, topped off by a good potluck supper and a nice cool night in the tent. Thank you Deb and Sugarloaf pirates for the invitation!


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