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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Current Design Pisces for Sale - Parting with the first boat.

I don't believe in owning a big fleet of boats, and I don't change boats very often. I believe you should do the research, take test paddles, and then buy a boat. Once you have it, learn all you can in that boat. Take the boat and you to its limits. Then, many years later, you may want to think about another boat.

I bought my first boat in 1991. Now, almost in 2009, I finally feel that I have learned as much from her as I can. I bought her new, after a lot of research, but never having seen another sea kayak on the water, or known anyone who had paddled one. I had my first wet exit (unintentional) and my first roll (very intentional) while paddling her. I used her for photography, fishing, camping, swim supports, surfing, and hurricane paddling.
She was my first pawlatta roll. That led to offside, reverse sweep, butterfly, shotgun, crook of the arm, behind the head, front deck, scull, and every other roll I know with a paddle, or half of one.

She floated in waters from Delaware south to Florida, and northern points too: Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, and Canada.

I led my first club trip in her, and she made it possible to rescue a heart attack victim at the Bay Bridge swim one year.

As a sailing kayak, she evolved over the years from a tiny square sail to rigs that got her photo in magazines. She opened the world of sailing to me.

I was paddling her when I met my best paddling partner, and she was on the Canadian trip when I realized my paddling partner should become my wife.

Her distinctive Egyptian eye guided me home from many an adventure.

But now I feel she has taught me everything she knows after hundreds of trips and thousands of miles. I move onward from here, and she will need a new person to wet her hull in salt water.


1990 Current Designs Pisces.
17' 4" long overall, 24 " beam

Rare model.

Rudder eqipped

Swede form hull (great for surfing boat wakes)

Very high volume - 209 liters of storage, not including the area in front of the foot pegs.

Large rear hatch - can fit a two burner Coleman stove through it.

Front round VCP hatch.

Large cockpit; easy to get legs in and out.

Dynel full length keel strip

Reflective perimeter deck lines

Heavy duy deck bungees
Paddle parks bow and stern, and painter.
Rigged for sailing (mast step and hand control line fittings)
Fitted with foam seat, but comes with a new original never used equipment seat uninstalled.

New sliding foot pegs for rudder control installed 2008.

Asking $700 OBO. Contact me at gdwelker (at) verizon (dot) net or 301-249-4895.


At Saturday, April 16, 2011 3:28:00 PM, Blogger Ron Barnett, Host said...

What a history of experience Greg - nice capture.


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