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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Virginia Coast

A friend of mine has been steadily exploring the Virginia barrier islands over the years. I recently had the opportunity to paddle in them a little more, and enjoyed it very much. It is an interesting area of wide open spaces. When a good weather window happens to coincide with tides at just the right time of day it can be very enjoyable paddling. However, it is definitly an area that takes some weather/tide/paddling sense or you'll have a dissapointing trip or worse.

Dave Burren of Southeast Expeditions in Cape Charles City informed me that the area is now developing a water trail guide. See the online version of Navigating Virginia's Easter Shore Seaside Water Trail. My appreciation to Southeast Expeditions and the other partners who put together this effort. My understanding is that more is to come.

This owl was having a bad day with a flock of crows.

An interesting sunset from Kiptopeake over the old concrete ships that serve as breakwaters for the harbor.