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Monday, October 05, 2009

Jenny and the Kayak

Jenny and I attended the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St.
Michael's, MD this weekend. Several hundred people, and over a
hundred boats. Jenny entered her skin on frame kayak in the
competition. She did a display with a photo book showing the
building process, a power point slide show on her netbook, and took
great pains to "spiff up" the kayak and paddles for the show.

During the show on Saturday Jenny almost talked herself horse
explaining the boat and how she built it to visitors, the judges, and
other boat builders. That night at dinner, the awards were given out.

Jenny won first place for the category of skin on frame
kayaks. What was really a surprise though was that the judges
thought so much of her kayak that they also put it into the class
that consisted of " traditional boats built with traditional methods
and materials." This is the class that has the most competition, and
the highest level of competition in that these people are really
intense about accuracy and detail. Jenny won first place in this category too!

Sunday Jenny was invited to go on a sail on the private yacht catboat
"Silent Maid", a 1920s style racing catboat from Philadelphia. You
can see it in some of the photos. She took me along too :)

Here are some photos of Jenny and the kayak and getting the
award. There are more photos of the whole event up at my flickr site: