On the Water And In The Woods

Sea kayaking, sailing, and lightweight backpacking in the-Chesapeake Bay, Mid-Atlantic region

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring on the water

This spring has been filled with kayaks and canoes.

A six day trip to Land Between The Lakes with the Kruger and friends.
The Kruger Sea Wind is a great camping boat.
Still learning to pack in BIG drybags.
The big blue barrel works great for food storage.

Kayak teaching and group trips:
Learn your boat.  Most issues are not due to the boat.
I still like rudders over skegs.  I've watched numerous skeg failures and issues this spring.

The Viviane with BSD 36 sail is fast.  

There are still wild beaches to explore in the Chesapeake:

See you out there.
Maybe  :)