On the Water And In The Woods

Sea kayaking, sailing, and lightweight backpacking in the-Chesapeake Bay, Mid-Atlantic region

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gone exploring...

I took three days recently and went exploring. I like to get away and paddle water I've never been on. Nothing like the thrill of seeing what's around the bend that you've never been around before. Once you've paddled 90% of your local waters, this means you need to go afield. Fine with me. As long as the time on water exceeds the time on the road, I'm happy to drive.

I had a great time exploring two new waterways that were about a 3-4 hour drive from the house and did close to fifty miles of paddling new water. I had tried to get some others interested in coming along, as I have on previous longer range trips, but no takers. Not everyone likes to travel.

On the way back home I made a few detours to check out some launch sites at some other places I have my eye on for future trips. I thought "this would be great for a club trip - we could paddle from here, to that historic site, then over there...." But I'm not sure I'd get much response. As I said, not everyone likes to travel and explore.

My last stop I got part way in to the site, then decided that it looked so good I wouldn't spoil my suprise with it now - I'd wait and come back with at least one person I know who likes to explore with me.