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Monday, August 25, 2008

CPA Gear Day 2008

Our local sea kayaking club, the Chesapeake Paddlers Association recently held a "gear day". A gear day is when club members gather together to show off their boats and favorite pieces of gear. Some members had displays on greenland paddle building, some on skin-on-frame kayaking, some on navigation lighting. It gave people a chance to see and touch other peoples gear, and hear the honest pros and cons. People also tried out members kayaks on the water, and took short kayak tours along the creek we were located on.

The day also proved to be a good way to get new club members to come out and meet the other club members. Since it was a "show up when you want, and do what you want" kind of day, there was no pressure to paddle X number of miles, or to have a certain skill set. On the other hand, eating was required - members did a potluck meal, which had at least one member doing a post lunch snooze in the camping hammock they had brought to show off.

What did it take to organize this? The idea started in some email exchanges last winter, and two people in the club put it on. They made the park reservation, and posted a couple of notices on the forum and calendar, and invited everyone to participate. It snowballed from there, with over 50 people showing up.

Here are some photos.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Island Time

This has not been the summer for kayak camping. Heck, it's not been the summer for kayaking! I did finally manage to get away this weekend. Although I had the permission of the island owner to camp, I had a chance to try out my "stealth" tent - a Golite Hut 2 and Nest bugscreen. It worked well. I pitched it high to let the breezes in, and kept the door open. I do need to use bigger stakes for sand/dunes, as the golite ones were a bit small to hold well. The Nest isn't made for the Hut, but it works well enough for one person. As a "stealth" tent it was great - blended right into the vegetation.

One particular harbor...

The end of a 27 mile day in the trusty old Pisces.

One day there will be a replacement for this boat.